Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExperiencePlaces?

ExperiencePlaces is a business directory which allows for better engagement with customers using products and services page and a blog page. ExperiencePlaces review system also promotes more trust among both – business owners and customers.


What are EP Select points?

EP Select points are points that are earned by writing business reviews and getting people to join ExperiencePlaces. Later they will be able to be cashed in for coupons that companies will be able to set up on their coupons page. This feature set is currently under development, but all the records are already kept to pay out all points once these features are released.


How do I know a review is legitimate?

In order to write a review – someone had to go to a business, shop there and get a review ticket. Just anybody from anywhere cannot write a review unless they have a review ticket. And review tickets expire after some time.


What if the owner prints a bunch of review tickets and just gives them to friends or hires someone to write inflated reviews?

Such practices are forbidden at ExperiencePlaces and may result in immediate termination of the account. We use sophisticated filtration algorithms to acquire information about possible misconduct on the part of businesses. We employed such algorithms to monitor businesses more so then consumers simply because there is a smaller number of businesses then there are customers writing reviews. By using review ticket system we allow business owners to insure that people that write reviews are their real customers. At the same time the ExperiencePlaces staff and software monitor local business behavior based on a multitude of inputs and interactions.


What do I do if the business owner refuses to give me a review ticket?

The business staff can refuse giving customer a ticket if the ticket machine ran out of paper or the customer is being rude and/or demeaning to business staff. However, if you believe that you were refused a ticket for none of these reasons – you can report the business by clicking a red flag icon on its profile.


Is there any charge for individuals using the service?

There is no charge for having a personal account at ExperiencePlaces.


Is there any charge for businesses using the service?

Active business profiles that are visible to the internet are subject to monthly fee. Inactive business profiles are free of charge, but are not visible to the Internet.


Can I set up a business profile before I activate it and pay a monthly fee?

Yes ExperiencePlaces allows business owners to fully set up their business profile before activation and payment.


How is the business profile monthly fee calculated?

The monthly fee is calculated based on the number of business locations and rented review ticket printers. See our Plans page for more details.


Is there a minimum contract period for paid business profiles?

If a business rented at least one review ticket printer – the minimum contract period is 4 months.

If no review ticket printers were rented – there is no contract period.


How do cancellations work?

After canceling a profile – the profile will become inactive in the end of this billing period. See our 'Downgrading and Cancelling Profile' video tutorial for more details.


Is there any hidden costs?

No. There is no hidden costs.


Can I pay ExperiencePlaces to have a review removed?

No. We cannot remove reviews accept if a review contains offensive content, profanity, or if we have reasons to believe that a review is a fake.